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Here's where we share all kinds of stories about kids who've done really nice things for people, the types of kind and unselfish things Genna & Russ do every day!

Email us with your kids' good deeds at:

Do a Good Deed

Here are some fun activities to encourage your children to become a Generous Kid:

  • Surprise a sibling by making their bed
  • Help Mom or Dad take in the groceries or set the table
  • Tell a story to a younger sibling or friend
  • Draw a special picture and place it on a family member’s pillow or mail it to a relative or friend that lives far away
  • Play the “hello” game and smile and say “hello” or “nice to see you” to as many people as you can in a single day
  • Donate two or three of your birthday presents to a local hospital or shelter – to a child who might not be as blessed as you
  • Be a snow angel and shovel an elderly neighbor’s walk way
  • Bring plastic bags and gloves with you next time you go to the park to pick up litter
  • Become a pen pal with a child in a children’s hospital
  • Ask Mom to help bake cookies and bring them to a lonely neighbor
  • Bring some of those same cookies to the fire station or police station to thank them for their service
  • Donate a portion of your allowance to a church or charity
  • Sit with someone different at lunch and get to know them