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The Story

Generous Kids is an organization dedicated to encouraging the spirit of caring, giving and sharing in young children (though we hope to remind adults of the magnitude of importance of honoring these values too). Kids by nature are kind, gentle beings. They’re also innocent and highly impressionable. By reinforcing the concept of generosity at an early age, caring becomes a characteristic they carry into adulthood. After all, the delight of giving is as wondrous as the joy of receiving.

The Generous Kids mission is to:

  • Provide parents and caregivers with the tools to foster the innate virtues of caring, giving and sharing.
  • Make a positive difference in the lives of all children in need - regardless of race, color or creed - through the donation of monies from the sale of every item sold that carries the Generous Kids logo.

Generous Kids is personified through Genna and Russ, brother and sister kids (in fact, they really are kids ... they’re little goats!), who teach real life lessons in generosity and kindness. Through their adventures they encounter all types of animals in need of help. The kindness and respect they show to all is rewarded with friendship.

Our songs contain simple sing-a-long lyrics that kids 3 and up can understand and enjoy. Our books include adult/child comprehension activities so that kids can conceptualize ideas for fostering goodwill of their own.